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Garments racks

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CK Engineering Garments racks in chennai mix with any stylistic theme and make an amazing accent in a kitchen, room, washroom, bar or office.

From including new bookshelves or space inside a bureau, glass racks convey a touch of class to any room without swarming it, notwithstanding loaning a hallucination of expanded size and profundity to a space.

They are less meddling than wood or metal racks, permitting light to go through and offering open doors for alluring lighting from above or beneath to make a genuinely otherworldly look.

We offer articles of garments/clothing racks are most appropriate for a wide range of show prerequisites. This framework can be simple set up and have adaptable alterations. Simple to introduce, simple to utilize and simple to keep up. It has smooth wrapping up. We likewise offering popular plan in view of customers prerequisites. It is utilized broadly in material industry, showrooms and family units. Customizable, compact and sturdy

Garment Rack in chennai courses of action have ended up being fitting to any show in the present scene and this is essentially more stressed in the material business where people keep running in numbers to see and pick their most cherished pieces of attire. Along these lines the arrangement ought to be as per the kind of articles of clothing that will be on display. A couple of plans are especially for limit purposes. Both these construe that there are numerous sorts and varieties of material racks that are relied upon to ensure that all bases are secured. Along these lines a social event of material racks can take versatile structures that engage to appear, secure and shield the pieces of clothing that are on uncommon.

Food tracing

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Vegetable Racks

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The racks are intended to give legitimate air flow which is key in perishable merchandise, for example, foods grown from the ground. These plans likewise are outwardly animating that accentuations the freshness of the produces in plain view.

Accessible in diverse sizes, the Natural product and Vegetable Racks offered by us are broadly utilized as a part of stores and hypermarkets. Remembering the changing particular of our customers, we offer our whole range in different shapes and sizes.

It is essential to show these produces appropriately in order to catch the consideration of the ordinary client and these racks go far in offering improved deceivability and that can animate incautious buys. Additionally it is essential to have the right show remains for these perishables that are put away in cooler situations to avoid spoil or rot.


High load capacity
Completely tested
Quality approved


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Shopping can never be fun if you are expected to carry your purchasable products around a supermarket. This thought has been spoken about by many and hence there comes the importance of using and offering the customers a handy supermarket trolley basket when they walk into a retail store.

A supermarket trolley basket is best when the customers want to buy a few items but find it difficult to carry them around while they shop. In spite of having supermarket shopping baskets, not all customers will feel comfortable on carrying the weight around even if it is for a few items.

Supermarket shopping trolleys are best used when there are more quantity of products to be purchased as it does not make sense in moving a trolley for about a handful of products. Supermarket trolley baskets from CK Engineering offer the right balance of offering a handy basket while maintaining the comfort of a trolley. These sturdy and easy alternatives are also best for supermarkets where the aisles are too narrow for trolleys to pass through at ease.

Shopping Basket

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We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as leading firm by offering Plastic Shopping Basket.


High quality raw material
Light weight
Rugged design

Dum Bin

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Products Gallery

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