Supermarket Shopping Trolley

Shopping can never be fun if you are expected to carry your purchasable products around a supermarket. This thought has been spoken about by many and hence there comes the importance of using and offering the customers a handy supermarket trolley basket when they walk into a retail store.

A supermarket trolley basket is best when the customers want to buy a few items but find it difficult to carry them around while they shop. In spite of having supermarket shopping baskets, not all customers will feel comfortable on carrying the weight around even if it is for a few items.

Supermarket shopping trolleys are best used when there are more quantity of products to be purchased as it does not make sense in moving a trolley for about a handful of products. Supermarket trolley baskets from CK Engineering offer the right balance of offering a handy basket while maintaining the comfort of a trolley. These sturdy and easy alternatives are also best for supermarkets where the aisles are too narrow for trolleys to pass through at ease.

Storage Racks

CK Engineering offer our customers savvy development materials and subjective scope of capacity racks

Items are composed according to the necessities of the customers to improve capacity of storage racks limit of plants and distribution center, obliging items wide traverse boards of various measurements.

Diverse board measurements are accessible

We additionally offer these in redid particular as far as configuration, sizes and retires according to the customers necessities

We planned at standard with global models and industrial storage racks manufacturers in chennai and also heavy duty racks manufacturer in chennai.

Elevation Racks

CK Engineering are the main producers suppliers and exporter of Hardware Racks. These Racks would fill the need just if the showed things are displayed appropriately.

Our Gadgets Racks are accessible in diverse makes and sorts.

One such assortment is our vertical presentation distinctive things are shown deliberately in a vertical manner.

We benefit them in diverse hues, sizes and width. Alongside the institutionalized sizes these can likewise be altered according to the necessity of our customers.

Retail houses can browse an extensive variety of electronic presentation racks from CK Engineering that will suit the need and prerequisite.

Developed from astounding crude materials the creation procedure happens in the vicinity of experienced stalwarts in the business in this manner guaranteeing the sturdiness, accuracy and on-time conveyance of items.

Divider Racks

Ck Engineering Divider racks are ideal for putting away those unbalanced things that won’t stand upright all alone, for example, fine art, printing plates, level stuffed containers and bundling supplies.

This 6ft high unit is assembled utilizing our solid Sort 1 racking framework complete with 4 pre-bored racks that when divider poles are embedded makes a sum of 21 stockpiling compartments.

The top rack can be utilized as additional stockpiling for bigger things or stockpiling boxes.

To cook the expanding and enhanced yearnings of our customers in the most ideal way, we have been occupied with giving a broad dispatch of Divider for Rack.

These are exceptionally esteemed in the midst of our customers inferable from their elements, for example, exact examples, fine complete, roughness and sturdiness.

Likewise, we promise dispatching these items at the doorsteps of our customers inside of the guaranteed compass of time.

Keeping in notification the changing necessities and longings of our clients, we are drenched in introducing an expansive dispatch of Divider.

These items are open in changed sizes and are according to the across the nation modern qualities. Exhibited items are very refreshing for their ideal completing, unwavering quality and tough.

Corner Racks

Supermarket Corner Racks as the name suggests are specially designed to fit the corners of a retail unit. By capturing the corner space, it helps to offer optimal space utility where usually the corners may not be used for storing and displaying products. These racks are available in various sizes and requirements and more often than not are customized choices to suit and fit the corner of the premise for which it is designed. Standard modular choices are available to run along with the wall rack units where special corner racks come in handy.

CK Engineering offers supermarket corner racks for storing grocery items that depict special features such as strength, durability and fine finish. True to the CK Engineering promise of delivering the finest quality at an optimal price, these corner racks are made of high grade quality raw materials procured from a trusted source that live up to ISI standards. High quality fabrication and competitive pricing ensures that the retail unit gets value for money while opting for CK Engineering supermarket corner racks.

Shoes Display Rack

Ck Engineering Design and display racking system becomes an integral part of the footwear industry where customers walk-in, choose, try it on and make a purchase. Therefore it becomes necessary to have the right racking system in place that will satisfy all the needs of the shoe retail showroom as well as ensure that it is nice on the eye offering the best visibility possible for the customers.

Ck Engineering offers the best in line shoe racks for retail outlets, shopping malls, showrooms, etc. The shoe racks are made, designed and offered in a standard modular arrangement that can be modified to suit the need and requirement of each retail outlet. Being pioneers in providing the best quality racking solutions in both industrial as well as retail racking systems, the racks offered are of superior quality made from high grade raw materials that offer stability, durability and sturdiness.

The high quality materials are procured from renowned sources and are of international standard. Ck Engineering offers exquisite designs, strong productivity and fast delivery while not compromising on the quality and cost effectiveness of the racking solutions. Different footwear retail outlets need different footwear racking systems and some of them use a combination of one or two systems that help to store as well as promote their products in the best possible manner.

Ck Engineering after careful analysis of the racking solutions that are commonly used in the footwear industry, offers four different shoe and footwear racks that are well suited for any retail outlet. These are metal slat wall shoe racks, glass shoe racks, mesh stopper shoe racks and footwear racks.

With the exception of the metal slat wall shoe racks, the other three modular options facilitate storage as well. The former though is used for display purposes only. Footwear retail outlets usually prefer a combination of both display as well as storage systems depending on the floor space available.

Apart from shoe racks, Ck Engineering also offers shelving and racking solutions for various other markets in the retail industry such as; supermarket racks, fruit and vegetable racks, electronic racks, showcase racks, pharmacy racks, book racks and accessories for racks.

Garments Racks

CK Engineering Garments racks in chennai mix with any stylistic theme and make an amazing accent in a kitchen, room, washroom, bar or office.

From including new bookshelves or space inside a bureau, glass racks convey a touch of class to any room without swarming it, notwithstanding loaning a hallucination of expanded size and profundity to a space.

They are less meddling than wood or metal racks, permitting light to go through and offering open doors for alluring lighting from above or beneath to make a genuinely otherworldly look.

We offer articles of garments/clothing racks are most appropriate for a wide range of show prerequisites. This framework can be simple set up and have adaptable alterations. Simple to introduce, simple to utilize and simple to keep up. It has smooth wrapping up. We likewise offering popular plan in view of customers prerequisites. It is utilized broadly in material industry, showrooms and family units. Customizable, compact and sturdy

Garment Rack in chennai courses of action have ended up being fitting to any show in the present scene and this is essentially more stressed in the material business where people keep running in numbers to see and pick their most cherished pieces of attire. Along these lines the arrangement ought to be as per the kind of articles of clothing that will be on display. A couple of plans are especially for limit purposes. Both these construe that there are numerous sorts and varieties of material racks that are relied upon to ensure that all bases are secured. Along these lines a social event of material racks can take versatile structures that engage to appear, secure and shield the pieces of clothing that are on uncommon.


With over 4000 sq ft of state of the art manufacturing facility in Korattur, Chavadi 1st Street we ensure that Ck Engineering range of Modular retail display racks, industrial & warehouse storage racks are steadfast answering the changing needs of the industry.

The products are then pre-treated chemically by 9 tank hot zinc phosphating method for increased life. Our Powder Coating process ensures elegant finish and durability. We follow flow manufacturing process in our manufacturing units & with an expert quality team who ensure the highest of quality right from procurement of raw materials to final inspection of the finished product before delivery to our clients

Slotted Angle Racks

Ck Engineering slotted angle racks offer a complete and practical solution for the storage requirements of businesses. These come in different angles, gauges and sizes. All are powder coated finishes for corrosive resistance thereby offering enhanced durability. Ck Engineering offers the expertise to design indigenous solutions that enables to meet the diversified storage needs.