About Us

CK Engineering

We as a team focus on developing excellent Pharma, Cosmetics, Siddha and Ayurvedic formulations. Customer’s requirement is our utmost priority. We provide support for marketing in Customer’s brand name and also with our own brands for launching in different markets (as preferred by the customer). Can supply with supportive Specialty Cosmetic, Ayurvedic, Siddha, Pharma and Natural based ingredients that can impart various effectiveness to the installing or developing products. 

We provide phenomenal and on time services Locally, Nationally, Online, MLM and Overseas. We mainly design formulations on high demand with experts professionally qualified with extensive work experience. We have an excellent R&D lab which can provide formulations on small scale and also bulk to be packed and marketed with brands. We have branded products of Export quality on different range. 

Key Competitive Advantages

Opulent Industrial Experience
Brilliant Cosmetic Consultations
Premium Number Of Clients
Ethical Business Method
Comprehensive Customer Gratification

The leading personal care products provider globally


. Our main focus is to support developing companies with innovative ideas and formulations from small scale to a large productive batch for commercial launch. Products for spa and beauty care salons are also available at affordable price and the best quality which we promise cannot stop you with one time purchase. We are positive and welcome Challenges in developing a product of high demand and new innovations. 

Our Specialties

The specialty ingredients are of completely imported and resourceful quality based from the leading principle suppliers from world-wide. We are committed to stretch excellent Cosmetic or Ayurvedic, Siddha Formulations, Process solutions, Quality assurance, quality control and allied Technical Consultancy services to its customers. Some of our services include Product development, Re-Formulations, Scaling up a batch, Product evaluation and stability studies, Product manual preparation, Formulation costing, Technology transfer to the manufacture and Process shooting. Perhaps, our concern is also engage in offering Formulation guidance for Skincare, Hair care, Ayurvedic Preparations, Aromatherapy Products and many products.